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Tom Coffey 4Tom Coffey 4 

Package Errors after Multiple Currency Enablement

Recently I enabled Multi Currency in my org.  Now it’s causing some packaging errors that I don’t know how to address.

The error in question is “In field: field - no CustomField named OBJECT.CurrencyIsoCode found” where OBJECT = name of the object in question (I get these errors on many object).

I get these errors when I (1) mdapi retrieve from main org and then (2) mdapi deploy to a scratch org.

One easy way to get rid of the errors is to remove the Currency field from the Page Layout.

I’ve tested this with a few objects and it works BUT (1) I want the Currency field on some object and (2) for some objects (e.g. Contract and Event) this is a required field so I think removing it from the Page Layout would cause other problems.

Any advice on how to deal with this issue?