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Michael ColuzziMichael Coluzzi 

Receiving 0% Code Coverage when Deploying Inbound Change Set

I am running into an issue when attempting to deploy a change set from a Development Sandbox to a Full Copy. I select "Run Specified Tests" and enter the tests which i need to run. The deployment will error out with 0% Code Coverage. However, when I deploy to Full Copy without running the tests, and then manually run the tests I recieve passing code coverage on all of the classes

I have verified that all dependencies exist in the Full Copy Sandbox and correct permissions are given to the user being used to run the tests at deployment. 

And ideas what might cause this?
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

If you have added any new classes then all the classes must be compiled in sandbox and Run All Test.

Refer below help article that can help you.

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