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Carlos PaniaguaCarlos Paniagua 

Can Amazon Connect inbound calls be routed to agents/users via Omni-Channel?

Hi All,

I have build a basic integration between Amazon Connect and Salesforce using Amazon Connect CTI Adapter and I can answer calls in Salesforce Classic, but can these inbound calls be routed using Omni-Channel's logic? As per help documentation work tasks can be routed, but are calls considered as work task?

If possible I would like to have Amazon Connect just do the call part, forward all the calls to Salesforce and then have Omni-Channel do the routing to correct/available agent.

Any ideas or tips how to approach is appreciated.
Puspendra SinghPuspendra Singh
Hi Carlos,
Did you get this implemented? I am looking for same functionality to setup inbound call routing using omni channel. Please suggest.

dev babdev bab
hi do yoy generate amazon calls?