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Lionel JonesLionel Jones 

Deploying unmanaged code to production org from Developer org

Is it possible to deploy an unmanaged package created from a Developer ORG to a production org. The reason being is that as you know, you cannot create a Sandbox ORG with a Developer ORG. And you cant create code "directly" on a production server
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
yes .. There are the options .. 

Create a package.xml file and  export the package using workbech . 

After that import same package in prod using workbench .. 

1.Create a folder the package XML file in the root and a sub level folder with the component name.

2. Zip the folder.

3. Visit the Workbench URL: https://workbench.developerforce.com, then log in with username and password, if not already logged in.

4. Click on the Migration tab.

5. Select the Deploy section.

6. Click on the Choose File option.

7. Check the following if applicable to your scenario:
Auto Update Package 
Check Only 
Ignore Warnings 
Perform Retrieve 
Purge On Delete 
Rollback On Error 
Single Package 
8. Confirm all of the options for deployment.

9. Click on the Deploy button when ready.

10. Wait for the process to become completed.

11. Confirm the results deploy successfully, if not check the file for any errors.

Refer this link 

Lionel JonesLionel Jones


So why is it that you cannot just copy the managed code link from the email sent from salesforce and append replace the first part of the URL to install (Like you would if you were installing it in a Scratch ORG). for example:

Package link sent from SalesForce:https://login.salesforce.com/packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04.......
Modify the install URL to install in a scratch org:

And have it install the traditional way.

Is it because it is being installed in "Production"?

So do you "Have to" use Workbench ?


Raj VakatiRaj Vakati

That also works .. 

You can create an Managed or unmanaged or private package and expose to appachange . from There install into the Your PROD .. 



Raju yadavRaju yadav
You can also use Eclipse to transfer code from Developer org to Production org.
Lionel JonesLionel Jones

Thanks Raju

I was under the impression that you could “only” push code to a production via a SandBox Org utilizing “change sets”. I actually use Eclipse a lot as well as MavensMate + VSCode/Sublime.

Also in terms of the App Exchange, I believe you have to be a partner, and the process takes quite a bit of time to be approved and I need to deploy code right away.