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Michaela PrambsMichaela Prambs 

Link two fields in different custom objects

Hi everybody,
I have created two custom objects called "Questionnaire" and "Calculations". Within both of them I have created several custom fields and three of them should contain the same information in both of the objects.

Now my question is link the content from those three fields which you can type in "Questionnaire" to the same three fields in "Calculations". This way you don't need to type in the information two times.
And 2. how can I manage after having typed in all the information into "Questionnaire" that it jumps automatically to the "Calculations" object when clicking on "Save" for example.

Asha KAsha K
Is there any relationship betweeen two objects. For example in Questionnaire object if I  update record 1 , in Calculation objects which record is suppose to be updated.
Michaela PrambsMichaela Prambs
Hm no at the moment there is no relationship yet. That's what I want to do right now. But there doesn't need to be an update. It would be great to transfer the content inserted in the "Questionnaire" fields into the fields from "Calculations".
Tavva Sai KrishnaTavva Sai Krishna
Hi Michaela,

Its not possible without creating the relationship between two objects. so first create the relationship and use the workflow rule to update the fields.

Sai Krishna Tavva.
Hi guys,

I'm trying to do basically the same. Relate two objects with the same External ID.
But I didn't understand how this lookup will work.

I have the relationship between the objects through another field with a Lookup relation but this is based on the account ID and not from the External ID.

If someone has any idea how it can be work will be great.