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Error in Accessing Standard & custom fields of Opportunity

I am not able to access standard & custom fields of Opportunity Object in my apex classes. It gives me error "Variable does not exist" even for standard fields of Opportunity.
David Holland 6David Holland 6
Could you possibly post your code so we can see whats going on? Many thanks :)

Please copy your code here for better understanding
Admin User 3354Admin User 3354

public class TestAttendanceUpdateTaxi
  private  static testMethod void TestinsertAttendance()
        //Fetching Record Type for Taxi Obj
         RecordType rt = [SELECT id, Name FROM RecordType WHERE SobjectType='Taxi__c' AND Name='Sherbet'];
        Account account = new Account();
        account.Name= 'Test Account';
        insert account;
    //Insering into Opportunity
    Opportunity opp = new Opportunity();
        opp.Name = 'hello';
       //Inserting Record for Taxi Obj
        Taxi__c OTaxi = new Taxi__c();;
        OTaxi.Name = 'Tx912';
        OTaxi.Company__c = '001q000000JwBJT';
        OTaxi.Last_Attended_Date__c =;
        insert OTaxi;
        //Retrive inserted Taxi
        OTaxi = [select Name from Taxi__c where Id =: OTaxi.Id];
        System.debug('Taxi Registration No :'+ OTaxi.Name);
        //Inserting record for Attendance Object
       Driver_Payment__c OAttendance = new Driver_Payment__c();
       OAttendance.Campaign__c = '006q0000005VjjN'; //[SELECT Id FROM Opportunity WHERE Name = 'testbrand' LIMIT 1].Id;
       OAttendance.Company_Name__c = account.Id; //'001q000000JwBJT';
       OAttendance.Taxi_ID__c  = OTaxi.Id;
       OAttendance.Attended_Date__c =;
       OAttendance.Update_current_receipt_campaign__c = True;
       OAttendance.Update_current_Superside_Livery_Campaign__c = True;
     //  OAttendance.Update_current_Tip_seat_campaign__c = True;
       insert OAttendance;
        System.debug('Inserted values in Attendance obj');
       //updating attendance
        OAttendance.Update_current_Tip_seat_campaign__c = True;
       update OAttendance;
       Taxi__c ObjTaxi = [select Last_Attended_Date__c from Taxi__c where Name = 'Tx912' and Taxi__c.Company__c =: account.Id /*'001q000000JwBJT'*/ limit 1];
      System.assertEquals(OAttendance.Attended_Date__c , ObjTaxi.Last_Attended_Date__c);
Admin User 3354Admin User 3354
I have put my code of test class. Which is working fine. But for Opportunity  which i have commented in my code , for that part I am gettin error
Admin User 3354Admin User 3354
I am getting error "Variable does not exist". This error is only for Opportunity fields.

Please check field level security and Permission for Opportunity object for current profile.
Admin User 3354Admin User 3354
Yes ,I have already gone through it, but still I am facing the same problem. I am facing this error in sandbox. because of which I really cant deploy anything to my production. My sandbox have all admin permission.