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Need to create VF table on custom object that has lookup fields to parent

I am new to VF and need to create a VF table to insert into a custom object. The table needs to have lookup fields that will look up to the contacts associated with the account (parent object to the custom). I have looked at all my reference materials and online but cannot find any tips on how to make this. The user need to be able to specify which contact as there is no way to automatically pull them over.
Can anyone help me get started?

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Hi Roxy, 

Here you need to build a wrapper class where you may keep two properties
1.  Custom object instance
2. List of contact ( Associated with Account which is parent on this csutom object instance) 

then you can easily build dynamic table usin this list of this wrapper classs.

Please let me know if you would need furter help.

Sandeep Singhal