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Alexandre MaedaAlexandre Maeda 

Invalid column message when I try to add new Lead

I can not enter values in custom fields for a new Lead by REST api.
I'm using the library jsforce (https://jsforce.github.io/). Salesforce API Library for JavaScript applications.

jf.sobject("Lead").create({Data_de_instala_o__c: form.interesse}, function(err, ret) {
     if (err) { 
         getError(res, err, 500) 

I get the error:
message:"No such column 'Data_de_instala_o__c' on sobject of type Lead"
Could anyone help me to insert the values for custom fields?

Anup JadhavAnup Jadhav
There could a number of reasons for this:

1. The user doesn't have access to the field
2. Perhaps you are using a namespace and therefore the field is not accessible/visible without a namespace.
3. Typo?
Alexandre MaedaAlexandre Maeda

The integration is made by the security token of administrator.

I can usually make queries like:

"SELECT Data_de_instala_o__c FROM Lead"
The filed type is List Options.