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EMAIL TEMPLATES: how do I change who the email is from?

Our department does not wish to reveal the email addresses of support agents because they do not want a client to be able to contact an agent directly (clogs down some agents while frees up others). However, when an email template is sent out the from field is auto populated by the agents email. How do I set up an email template so that the from address in an email reads
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

There does not appear to be any simple, efficient way. There are two clumsy ways.

1. Add text to the email "Do Not Reply to this email. To respond, click here" where here is a mailto: link. Of course, nobody ever reads the do not reply message.

2. Change all of your sales people's email address in to the desired outbound address. The email address can be different from the login name. You need to be sure that someone confirms all the new email addresses. And you will not be able to email users from




Thank you for your reply. Unfortunatly those two workarounds kind of ugly:manmad:. The first option won't work because it is a privacy issue, we dont not want a client know the person's email. The second option is not that great because it both interferes with workflow rules and auto escalation. However, at this point were still considering it.

Are there any other ways to accomplish this?

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You may get some success with some of the third-party mailing tools, Vertical Response, Exact Target, Reponsys, Got Mail. Most of these area available via AppExchange and generally offer a free trial. I have not used any of them, but I have talked to them at various conference booths.

If you are really, really patient, you could log a feature request with for an outbound email address.

Finally, you could create a custom application that would send the email to the proper contact from the proper sender and log the activity. This would have to be hosted on a web server.

If you don't mind burning a user license you can create a pseudo user and set it up to send out the email.  This will only work for the email templates for auto-responses and notification rules.  If you want to have your sales folks send out but from an address such as "" then you would need to use Vertical Response or put in a feature request to salesforce.
that totally sucks!!
has this been changed since? this post is from 2006, so i was hoping now it was possible to have different FROM/reply to email addresses.