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MS Outlook 2007 - Possible to Regain Lost SF Outlook Edition Functionality?

Since upgrading our desktops to MS Outlook 2007 I've had several complaints that that SF Outlook Edition add-in no longer supports "add e-mail to SF" functionality from within the e-mail message itself. (There is no longer a "send and add to SalesForce" option button - users must now send their messages, return to their sent items folder, highlight the message they wish to add to SF and use the button in the main Outllook window to complete this task.)
I'm wondering if there's a way to regain the "send message and add to SF" functionality that was available with Outlook 2003?
This may seem like a minor issue, but when an entire sales team loses a time-saving feature the default reaction is to stop documenting sales e-mail in SF as opposed to adding e-mails "the long way."
The Add Email to SFDC button should still be available, regardless of which version of Outlook is being run. 

What version of Outlook Edition are your users running?  Outlook 2007 is only support with the latest Outlook Edition 3 version - that might be the root of the problem.  OE 3 is currently in Limited Release; you can get access through your sales rep.  It's expected to go GA with Summer'07.

If that doesn't do it, I'd suggest submitting a Support Case and we can get to the root of this specific case.

-Mark Sambrooke, Salesforce Product Management