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Anyone use SF for Services instead of products?

All we sell our services, we don't have SKU's.
We have Hourly fees, base fees and contingent fees.

We have an account and then an opportunity and within an opportunity, we have multiple stages.
1) The Close date is requried (even at the beginning stage of an opportunity). I don't want a close date to appear until the status = Closed
2) The 'Products' object seems to be for actual products only. We could have an opportunity with all three types of fees. The price structure needs to be flexible. So.. I built a custom object that holds all my pricing calculators for each type of service we offer. I built an hourly fee calculator, a base fee calculator and a contingency fee calculator. I linked it to an opportunity. So, we can have 1 opportunity with 5-6 different 'Services' attached.

One issue I'm having is that we do sourcing events. When the sales person closes the deal, we may not see revenue for 6 months. Therefore, in my calcultor  I had to add a revenue start date. The revenue start date is the date we want to see in the pipeline, NOT the close date, but the close date is required and I can't change it!

The other issue I'm having is that they don't allow cross-object workflow. I want to have a Total deal value for an opportunity, so I want to add a field to opportunity and call it 'Total deal vaule' and have it add up all the fields from the 5-6 different services. I can't do this.

When I try to do custom reporting in the subtotal report format, I"m limited to 5 custom fields only. When I try to do work-arounds with formulas I'm limited to 5,000 characters. So when I try to add up Hourly fee+ Base fee+ contingent fee (because they each contain formulas) I'm hitting the 5,000 character limit,.

The forecasting module doesn't work with custom objects, so I can't use forecasting.

Is salesforce deisgned for service oriented businesses? Is there anyone else out there experiencing this issue?: