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Certification of custom objects - how?


we are looking for a documentation / strategy how to develop custom objects and distribute this custom object to several salesforce.com clients or individual users. Is there any certification process for salesforce objects?

To clarify: We would like to develop a custom object with relation to another ASP-solution. As this might be interesting for other companies or individuals it is absolutely crucial that they can easily integrate this object on their own without time consuming integration process from our side.

Any hint is welcome

Thanks very much






mike kreadenmike kreaden


There is currently no deployment model in place for partner custom objects.  We are constantly working on improvements to our API - one such improvement would allow you to create and manage custom objects programmatically.

I would suggest that name your custom objects with some identifier which would allow your customers to know that these objects support your solution.

Let me know what you are planning to do, so that I have better context for your question.


Hi Mike,

thanks for your reply. En detail we would like to integrate a service similiar to what Spoke has done with salesforce.com (see www.spoke.com). But we do not want to export data to a public database as normally companies do not want to have their sales data distributed.  In contrast we like to integrate network or social relaltionsships on individual lead or contact level in sfdc.

Please have a look here to see how we would like to integrate the social relationships into sfdc: http://www.avendio.de/documents/openbc/openbcintegrationlead.htm. At the bottom of the page you will see a custom object called "OpenBC Kontakte" that show on individual level the connection to the lead that I like to get in contact to or like to receive more information of. As there are hundreds of thousands individual user there is a need to "distribute" some kind of a solution without getting involved too much (as you cannot distribute an exe-file).

Any idea on this projekt is very much appreciated as this service has a very solid basis over here and could give sfdc a very good PR.   

Thanks very much


Dave CampbellDave Campbell

This will also be important for our integration.  Our clients want us to provide sales and asset information in SalesForce.  We need a good way to "install" the necessary custom objects (two so far) in various customer schemas as requested.