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Create Custom Object

I have following test tables in my SQL server which I need to bring forward into the Salesforce.


1st Table:    Chain


ChainCode            char(2)

Description          nvarchar(100)



2nd Table:  Hotels




HotelID               Number Auto-Increment

ChainCode            char(2)    <-----------------------Master-Detail Relationship to Chain.


I was told to create Custom Objects in the Salesforce therefore Group these into seperate Apps etc. Could someone please provide in details how to achieve this? I am having bit trouble when creating 1st custom object Chain. I can specify the field as Text however how can I limit the user to only enter two digits as opposed to 80 Chars which is default limit.


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When you create a custom field, defined as Text, you can specify the field length. So set the Length to 2.I just tested this out and it enforced the 2 character setting. 



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