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Announcing Force.com IDE for Winter '09

The Force.com IDE, a powerful client application for developing, testing and deploying Force.com applications, is now Generally Available.  To get started, visit the Force.com IDE page on developer.force.com.

The Winter '09 release of the Force.com IDE contains the following major new features:
  • New Metadata Support in Winter '09 includes new Analytics and Translation Workbench components, an expanded Custom Object definition, Apex class templates, and more.
  • Metadata Component Directory displays a complete list of the metadata components in your organization available for downloading into your Force.com project.
  • Simpler Project Structure removes package folders, so metadata components are easier to find and synchronize regardless of what packages they are in.
  • Documentation and User Assistance adds 40 new IDE topics, context-sensitive help for all IDE dialogs, wizards, and actions, and the complete Force.com platform documentation and tutorials.
  • Usability Enhancements add a friendly Start Page and improve wizards, screens, commands, editors, and error handling in the Force.com IDE.
Get an overview of all the IDE from An Introduction to the Force.com IDE, learn about what’s new in the Winter '09 Release Notes, or jump right in with the installation instructions.

Note:  There is no direct upgrade path from previous Developer Preview releases to the Winter ’09 Force.com IDE GA.  Please see the release notes for more details.

I loaded this up today and it seems to work great. Only problems I noticed are:

1. None of the help works. Any help topic I click I get an eclipse error telling me to try select Help->Contents (which doesn't work), or try putting -Dorg.commons.logging.Log=org.apache.commons.logging.impl.SimpleLog into my -vmargs (which also doesn't work). i am running on Windows Vista.

2. When I am in the apex markup, it is telling me all the <apex:X> tags are unrecognized. And none of the context sensitive functionality works.

The online help problem is a rare but known Eclipse issue, hence the detailed Eclipse error message. But it's always been resolved by adding "-vmargs -Dorg.commons.logging.Log=org.apache.commons.logging.impl.SimpleLog".  Do you have other third party plug-ins installed besides the Force.com IDE?  What version of Eclipse are you using?

Regarding the Visualforce editor, the IDE does not yet support content assistance for Visualforce, but that is on our roadmap.
Yes adding this still does not correct the problem. Perhaps I am not adding it properly to the ini. Do you have a fully formed ini file you can paste here so I can see exactly how it should be?
Force.com addon is the only addon that is installed. I have version 3.3.2 of eclipse.
My current ini is:

-showsplash org.eclipse.platform

--launcher.XXMaxPermSize 256m

-vmargs -Dorg.commons.logging.Log=org.apache.commons.logging.impl.SimpleLog




Message Edited by Spector on 10-30-2008 05:47 PM
Can anyone connect to their test sandbox after the upgrade?  I can connect to production fine but I get a timeout in test "unable to load file Metadata"
The Winter '09 IDE is definitely able to connect to Sandboxes--I've done so a number of times this week.

If you open the IDE Log Viewer (Help > Show Force.com IDE Log) you can see if there were any exceptions thrown.  If there were, please send me a private message with the exception stacktrace so we can help you resolve this issue.


Hi Jon,

I try to create a new project (userid, pwd and security token is provided) but hit error. Below are the Log from Force.com IDE:

- (ForceRemoteException) able to load file metadata(Open log file for full message and/or stacktrace)
- Unable to get file metadata for org 'username='testsf@myco.com', endpointservver = 'www.salesforce.com/14.0', project = 'n/a', package = 'null':Unable to tunnel through proxy.us.dell.com:80 ....
- General evaluation deemed exception not retry-able: IOException: Unable to tunnel through proxy.us.dell.com. Proxy returns "HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required (The ISA Server required ...
- Exception occured while attempting to perform a metadata operation (Open log file for full message and/or stacktrace)

I have check in the Setup | Manage Users| Login history at Salesfoce.com, it shown that successful login.

Any problem on the proxy setup?

This error looks like it is being returned by your proxy server, not by salesforce.com.

One factor may be that the API login is performed against www.salesforce.com, but all subsequent API calls from the Force.com IDE go to a more specific hostname (for example, na5-api.salesforce.com).  Is it possible your proxy server is configured to allow connections to www.salesforce.com but is preventing calls to certain other salesforce.com hostnames?

Hey Jon,

how do i ensure that the call is made to a specific hostname while creating the project in salesforce.




Ideally you should try to get your proxy server issues fixed.  But it's possible to specify a hostname explicitly, if you use the Environment = "Other (Specify)" setting on the first page of the New Force.com Project wizard. When that option is chosen, an additional Hostname text box appears on the form.