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Building sForce 5 SOAP messages on the

Hi folks,

Has anyone tried to build the sForce 5 SOAP messages on the fly from an XSLT using XML data from another operation?

I have tried several things but it seems that SOAP does not like xsl:value-of statements inside the type tags...

I want avoid using a programmatic method to do this if possible, although if it has to be this way I am using the JAVA platform for development.

Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome...


SOAP is just XML, so its possible, I know of a number of people that have done soap via xlst (not with sforce, but that doesn't matter). Its just a matter of getting the structure and namespaces right.

Thanks...and I asusmed this to be the case....what I can't find are examples of this process.  Are you aware of any sample XSLTs that illustrate this type of transform?  I'd normally include the files I am working with but due to the nature of the work, I need to be careful about disclosure of IP....Most forums I've hit either have stale examples or do not have a direct-line relationship to what I'm looking for....



If you use the Sforce Explorer and log a few SOAP messages, you'll see SOAP XML that you know will work.  If you can then generate this XML with XSLT, you should be set.

I would approach this programmatically, however.  I think it would be much easier just to code against the API using a language like Java, C#, VB.NET, PHP, or anything versus building a collection of XSLT stylesheets.  Seems like a 'what is the right tool for the job' question from my perspective.