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Web-to-Lead: Specify Record Type?

Is there any way to specify the record type for a lead input into the system via the Web-To-Lead process? I imagine it could be done using a hidden input field on the form but I don't know what name to provide for the field.

E.J. Wilburn


(Caveat: I haven't tried assigning the record type on Web-to-lead inputs)

However, the name for the record type field is:


If it works directly, you'd use a:

     [input type="hidden" name="RecordTypeId" value="01230000000xxxx"]

where the 0123...xxxx is replaced by the id of the record-type to be used.

How do you find the record-type value?

One method would be to use the sforce explorer ... or the sforce Connector for Excel ... and do a query for a lead which has the appropriate record type.

Another would be to go to:
     Setup / Customize / Leads / Record Type / and then pick the record type.
While it is displayed, the ID of the record type will appear in the browser URL in the form:
     ... ?type=Lead&setupid=LeadRecords&id=01230000000xxxx
The number at the end is what you need.


This feature is targeted for the next release.

E.J.! I hope you're well.

There's an interesting work around I've seen that might solve the problem for you until the next release.

Try this out:

1.Create a Profile with the Default Record Type that you want the form to come in as.
2.Assign a dummy user or any user to this Profile.
3.Log-In as that user and create a Queue.
4.Create an Assignment Rule to route that form to this Queue.
5.The Lead/Case will now default to the default record type of the user who created this Queue.
6.You can de-activate the dummy user now if need be.
7.Repeat the same steps for different record types.



benjasik wrote:
This feature is targeted for the next release.

For Web-to-Lead and/ Web-to-Case, or just Web-to-Lead?