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Upsert on Person Accounts with Data Loader

While I've seen a few questions on Person Accounts, can't find this yet and I'm pulling my hair out.  We have an external ID established for Accounts.  I'm trying to do an Upsert with the Data Loader on the Person Accounts.  Upsert finds the Account, but only updates Account related fields...not any of the Contact related ones.  I tried doing the Upsert on Contacts instead of Accounts, but that doesnt' work either.  Also tried Update but that doesnt' let me use an external ID.

Any ideas on how to Upsert these Person Accounts without using the SFDC ID?

Note: I saw a previous post that asked something similar to this and answer was to use RecordType ID.  That isn't working. DataLoader 14.

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Are you mapping the "Contact" fields to the Account fields that start with "Person" (i.e. PersonHomePhone for the Contact.HomePhone field)?  When you have Person Accounts enabled in Salesforce, many new fields are created on the Account level that mirror Contact fields.
I wasn't, and thanks for that piece, however I have a number of custom fields that I'm also updating so those should update anyway and they haven't been.  I know I can do this through the SalesForce interface and Add/Update Person accounts, but I need to do this regularly and have 100+ fields so since you can't save the specs there that is unmanageable long term.

I've regularly been confused, and I think SFDC will want to look at, what the process for Person Accounts should be.  What is PersonContactID supposed to be for vs. ID...both of which appear on Export file for Person Accounts?  Not to digress though, I think my question still remains.
Vijay RautVijay Raut
In case of Person Account, as Justin said many fields are get created on Account Level which mirrors to Contact Fields. Custom fields from Contact get mirrored into Account ending with "__pc"

So i think in your case you need to map those fields from Account which are ending with "__pc". These fields are available only in case of Person Account, so you  have to check record type prior to mapping.

Looks like this was the answer.  I think I was mapping to some of the contact fields and, instead of giving an error or something, it updated...but not really.  Not sure how I missed this but thanks!  Person Accounts are a little quirky right now as they have an Account ID, Person Contact Id, etc.  They seem to be handled slightly differently depending on what you are using (Data Loader vs. 3rd party API)

I am having a similar issue.  I only have one field with __pc at the end, but I don't use it.  However I did find that the "name" field did give me a fit.  If I leave that field out and use only "first name" and "last name" everything works out and gets updated.


However, now I'm wanting to use a de-duplication application (cleancrm) and it insists on using the "name" field.  Any ideas on a work around?


Ack! I've used this program in the past, but don't have it on my computer currently. I just went to the AppExchange listing, and I can't see how to download it anymore. I would really appreciate it if someone could post a copy to or similar. I'm in a bind!





You might be referring to Informatica On Demand's product.  They just mentioned it's on the AppExchange now...though you can also go directly to their site to get it.