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Is there a tool in that can be used for daily backups?

Is there a tool in that can be used for daily backups? Also is there a way to schedule this run at a specific time every day. We have to take daily backups everyday for some basic objects like Accounts, Opportunties, etc from
We are already using tool for weekly backups that sent out an email of the zip file.
Your response is very much appreciated.
Thanks and regards,
There are several tools on the AppExchange that will let you bring data automatically into a local database (as frequently as you like), if that helps..
Thanks for the response, but we dont have a database to take a backup. So we need to take backups in some .csv format that can be later user to import the data back to salesforce if required.
Currently we user data loader (with export option) for this purpose. But as the process is manual and itr not automated, it causes a heavy maintenance overhead.
Thanks and regards,
have the data loader run once a day in the middle of the night, you could use winat or cron to schedule it
Hello, Ambili.

Perhaps, you could take a look at Apatar Open Source, a data integration tool that links databases, files and applications. It enables connectivity to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, FTP, HTTP (POST and GET), SugarCRM, Goldmine CRM, XML (local and web-based), Webdav, Buzzsaw, LDAP, Amazon, flat files (.CSV, .TXT), and even Flickr.

Using Apatar's Scheduling function, you can schedule one-time or recurring data transformations. That would allow you to automate data export and import for daily backups. You can schedule Apatar to run at a specific time every day. overview:

Find online demos that explain how to integrate with other data sources here:

For more information, or to download a copy of Apatar, visit

Hope, this tool would help you. Should you have questions, I can be reached through my blog 'Naked Open Source', found at

Renat Khasanshyn
Wizard, Apatar Data Integration for
I also need a daily backup of all the data.
If I would like to do it with a batch process and the dataloader, how excatly would that batch process look like?

Any other, new ideas to get salesforce data automatically out into a csv file?


Hi everyone, 

We can provide the Salesforce automated daily backups and the csv export on demand.


CloudAlly provides automated daily backups of Salesforce, Chatter, Google Apps and more to unlimited Amazon S3 secure storage. You just need to activate the Salesforce orgs you want to backup and then we do the rest.


Daily backups will be performed for each org (complete initial backup, delta on the rest) and your archived data will be retained for as long as you maintain your CloudAlly subscription so you can export your data from any point in time. You also receive daily backup summaries as confirmation for your records. 


We provide a CSV formatted export from the archive of your choice and will be releasing a self-service object level restore feature during Q4.


It's a real time saver, you get daily backups rather than weekly, you can export to csv, and you don't consume any on-premise resources.  


You can signup for a free 15-day trial (no credit card required) at or through the Salesforce AppExchange and automate your Salesforce backups today.


Hope that helps and that you will give CloudAlly a try. Thanks.


Murray Moceri

Marketing Director, CloudAlly

Katy Perry 3Katy Perry 3
Third Party tool can help you backup emails. For making backup mail without any squabbles, you need of most reliable and versatile application, and there’s only such tool is available in the market called Mail Backup X. It provides progressive backups in every backup update as it remembers last archived contents and adds only new outgoing and incoming emails to avoid repetition of files. It has smart USB detection mechanism that can easily recognize your USB stick when it mapped again to the system and automatically start the backup process. Visit
Bethan WilkinsBethan Wilkins
Take a look at this ( 3rd party tool. Free Skyvia plan allows you to automatically create daily backups and allows you to restore data in few clicks.