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General problem with all DE orgs

Hey Product Manager / Support,


in all my Developer Orgs I am encountering the following problem:


When trying to edit the Campaign Member Status you'll get this error:



Unable to Access Page
Required parameter "p5" not defined.

Error: The value of the parameter specified above contains a character that is not allowed or the value exceeds the maximum allowed length. Remove the character from the parameter value or reduce the value length and re-submit. If the error still persists, please report it to our Customer Support team and provide the URL of the page you were requesting as well as any other related information. 



That is, because no CampaignMember Status is selected as default.

When you select a default status you are able to edit the CampaignMember Status just as usual.


Would be nice if this gets fixed in the DE template.





Please report the problem to


Sorry, but I will not take this into discussion with the 1st lvl support... 'Have much better ideas how to waste my time.


What are the steps to reproduce?


1) Create campaign

2) Edit status to remove default value? (how did you do this?)

3) Create Lead

4) Create campaign member for that lead

5) Try to edit status for that member?


1. get a DE org

2. try to edit campaign member status for one of the existing campaigns


Edit the status value from what to what? 


DE orgs don't have existing campaigns in them so I'm assuming you created a few for testing.

I have many DE orgs and haven't seen your issue.


Hi John, these developer orgs are brand new. I checked with one which I created today and with others that I have for longer period. DE orgs contain 4 pre-existing campaigns. Just try to change any of the CampaignMember Status. You don't even have to change a value. Just go to the edit page and try to save. It will throw that funny error message because no value is selected as standard.


If you create a new campaign the value "Sent" is automatically selected as standard. So this will not produce the error.


I hope you understand now. If not, please give me a call on Monday. You can find my details in Salesforce or send me a PM here. - or I can make a video, if you don't believe me :D


Ah yes - thanks for educating me. 


I'll work with the team that creates these DE orgs and get this fixed.  The workaround as you mentioned is to select a default status.


Thanks for the heads up on this!


Sure, when do I get my Shirt? ;)


Find me at Dreamforce!  Until then you have my everlasting grattitude :)