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Force.com IDE in Eclipse v3.5.2 clash with Android SDK

Does anyone experiencing the problem installing the Force.com IDE and then install the Android SDK in Eclipse v3.5.2.


When I first installed the Force.com IDE in Eclipse it shows up the appropriate icon and I can trigger the Force.com IDE without any problem.


Then I installed the Android SDK , after the installation the IDE icon in Eclipse disappeared and also the Android icon in Eclipse never showed up.


Anyone know how to fix this?


The quickest solution is probably to maintain two Eclipse installs--one for the Force.com IDE and one for Android SDK.  Is there a particular reason you would need to run both plugins in the same Eclipse instance?



Well I do development on both of these platform.  It would be kind of silly to keep 2 copies of the softwares on the same machine! 


But if there are no solution to fix this problem them I guess this is the only way.