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Conditional lookup

Can you setup conditional lookup? ex. we are interested to create a new custom object 'Interest' which has master-detail relationship to contact object. In addition, we also like to setup another field that would store the account record associated with the contact record in the 'Interest' object. It doesn't look like this is easily done. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this?

Ted Tsung
If the two fields you describe are picklists than you can easily create dependency in the new edition. Just go to the fields section for your object and in the Account Custom Fields & Relationships click on the "Field Dependencies" button.

Hope this helps,

No, they aren't picklist. To provide more info on my problem, let's I want to create a new object called "Interest". The structure is as follow:

[Interest]object contains
{Interest_Contact} field -> linked to [Contact] standard object
{Interest_Account} field -> should be linked to the {Interest_Contact}'s [Account] record.

During the data entry phase, it is quite easy to automatically link [Contact] record to a new [Interest] record. However, when you try to enter {Interest_Account} field via the lookup table, you get all [Account] records instead of the one that is associated with the {Interest_contact}. How do you program the setup so that it either automatically fill the {Interest_Account} with the proper [Account] record or only display the [Account] record associated with the {Interest_Contact} record?

I see your challenge... do not know how to do it.