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Queue Members Receiving Email When Case Created

We have a workflow rule that routes cases to a queue upon creation, based on some criteria.  The rule does not include an email notification, and the queue is not set up to notify users (with the checkbox).  However, on some case creations, every member of the queue is receiving an email. 


We have narrowed it down to happening only when a user adds information into an Internal Comments field, which through a workflow rule, populates the Case Comments.  We do have a email notification when Case Comments are added --- however, the email that is firing is our Case Assigned Template email, not our Case Comment Notification email.


Does anyone have any ideas about how to stop the assignment email from firing off (other than not adding anything into the Internal Comments field)?


Have you tried giving the queue itself an email address?  You could even give it a bogus address...


That's a great idea!  If the users decide they want that Internal Comments field back at creation (it's really the only way to add Case Comments before save), I will try that.  Thanks so much!