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Is there a way to have a report output a "Null" value to Excel?

We're using Conga Merge and an Excel DCount function which is supposed to count non blank values in a column. We have a SF text field that has a Case condition which returns Null if false.  However, when we run a SF report with this field and view it in Excel, while the field is (blank) Excel does not see it as null.  If I "delete" the (blank) value in the field, then Excel sees it as null.


Yes, I'd rather use a csv file, but for Conga Merge reports, an Excel template is only option in this case.  I'm trying to see if there is some field value I should be using so the SF report sees this value as null.  (I see "-" in the SF report in these instances which must be the problem.)






How are you generating the Excel file?


When I render a <apex:page> as Excel I get null values (I verify it by using the =CountBlank() function in Excel).


<apex:page controller="ABC" cache="true" contentType="application/vnd.ms-excel">



It seems to work now. I did use the CountBlank to confirm they were showing up as blank...thanks!  I thought I was getting different results with the DCountA because the result would change when I "deleted" contents of cell.  I'm still not sure what the deal was...but maybe it was a little rest and this suggestion that did the trick!