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Time delayed field not updating: Assistance humbly requested

I have a a time delayed workflow with the following items in place:



Conditions for workflow rule -

On Create:

Custom_DateTime_Field > Now

Custom_PicklistStatus__c = "Email Pending"





If true, take these actions:


->1 hour after a referenced Custom_DateTime_Field__c, send an email

->2 hours after the  Custom_DateTime_Field__c, Update picklist Custom_PicklistStatus__c, from value from "Email Pending" to "Email Sent"



The second Action does not activate.



I am guessing a circular reference on the Custom_PicklistStatus__c field is causing the problem, if so, is there a "simple" way around this using the same field? If the problem is not a circular reference, any thoughts as to the cause of the problem?





It's hard to say what the specific issue is, but I suspect it might be with the Custom_DateTime_Field > Now part, because this workflow will be re-evaluated every time the record is changed.  So consider the following:


1.  Your workflow fires.  Custom_Datetime_Field = 3:00PM today.  The update of Custom_PicklistStatus__c is scheduled for 5:00PM today.

2.  At 3:13PM today, somebody makes some random edit to the object.  This causes all workflows to re-evaluate, including this one.  The workflow engine notices that  Custom_Datetime_Field is no longer > than Now, and because of that it dequeues all actions that it had scheduled for that rule.


That's my guess.


Are you using field update from a workflow to update the value from "Email Pending" to "Email Sent" ?


Field update will not trigger the evaluation of the rule. The field need to be updated through "human touch".


Search for field update consideration in help section


from the help


"The results of a field update cannot trigger additional workflow rules or other rules such as validation, assignment, auto-response, or escalation rules."