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How to monitor the WebService API traffic ?

Are there any APIs/tools provided which can be used to monitor the WebService API calls against ?




You can view all the API requests under the option,

setup -> company profile -> company information API Requests, Last 24 Hours .


You can also set notifications where an email willbe sent when the calls exceed the threshold.

Go through the sections related to monitoring in the below link.


Thanks for your prompt response!


Actually, I want to get the API traffic information from the external applications. For example, in one external J2EE application, I query the API traffic information through some mechanisams. Is that possible ?


 About viewing the API requests through "setup->company profile->company information API Requests, Last 24 Hours",  is there a way to get such information through API invocation ?



I am not an expert on this but I doubt if such a thing is possible. If you look at the enterprise WSDL or partner WSDL, it doesn't expose any operations for system monitoring.

You can get at this through Apex if you are willing to go around the houses:


Ensure your profile has View Setup and Configuration permission. 

Lookup your organization's id through SOQL.

Create a new PageReference to '/' + the organization id.

Execute PageReference.getContent().


This gives you the HTML contents of the Company Information page.  You can then parse the HTML to locate the elements that you are interested in.


If you want to be able to access this information via a Web Service, you'll need to create an Apex webservice that returns it. 


I do not see the

setup -> company profile -> company information API Requests, Last 24 Hours .

in my org.

need to see if calls from an outside machine are reaching. how can i check this?


If you can't see that, it implies you don't have the correct permissions.


Can you not see the data or are the menu options not available?



Am a system admin profile.

I see setup -> company profile -> company information but then not API Requests, Last 24 Hours .


OK, now i see, my apologies i thought it was a menu option.

So i see a count but what i need to look for is to see if a call in from a specific address is hitting my org. do you know how to see that? thanks


'Fraid not.  Sorry.


You can't see by IP Address but the "API Calls last 7 days" report will show you a breakdown by userId, perhaps you could use that.