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Looking to open a document dyanamicly

I have a salesforce page that creates "Projects".  On the projects page I have included a checkbox.  I would like to have a document open up in a second window for editing if the checkbox is selected at the time of saving the new project.


Is this possible?  Would it be done in an Apex trigger?  I am very new to salesforce development so please excuse any missing information and jsut ask me for more details if nessesary.



Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

you could use a custom save button which uses some javascript on save, and launches the additional tab if the checkbox was selected and saved on your record.


a trigger is for db related processing tasks / data validation et all. Offers ui interaction limited to data validation error messages.


I understand that I could put a custom button on the projects page that would run javascript to open a page.  Am I able to add this custom button to the "Project" creation page?  There are only the fields that I specified and the standard [save, save and new, cancel] buttons.  Can I add a custom button there or override the standard creation buttons?


Thanks for the response,