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Automating Email / Bulk Emailing

Currently, we have a custom object containing a custom button linking to a VisualForce email template; when the button is selected it performs a mail merge collecting all the needed data from the custom object to the email template.  We then send the email template, one by one, from each custom object record (as needed).  This was phase one for us and up next we would like to further automate this process by being able to send all the emails in bulk.  We would still need to collect (merge) data unique to each custom object record and email to the appropriate contact(s).  I am just in the research/planning stages for this so I am not looking for a step by step solution here.  If you can provide any tips, advice, references to specific documentation/examples it would be greatly appreciated?  Thanks in advance!


You beta solution about which you have mentioned in your post can very well be simulated as  amass mail service.

Whatever processing you are doing can be put within a loop and the process can be repeated . To the user it would appear as if a mass mail is being sent. though care has to be taken that API calls and SOql statements are outside the lop.


We have built a similar mass mailing functionality and it works fine for the user.

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Thanks for your explanation.  Everything makes sense, however I am afraid I simply lack the experience (something I am studying currently and trying to get a grasp on) of setting up a custom APEX class that would be able to query and loop all the records and then send using the mass email functionality.   Are you aware of any details examples of this online?  Or perhaps could you share one your examples that you have in place?  


~ Sean