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Creating a Dynamic Page in a Custom Object

I created a new custom object, that links to our companies opportunities.  The purpose of this custom object is to input information about our various products then save them so our pricing department can give a cost estimate.  The way this should work is a sales rep clicks on an opportunity, scrolls down, then clicks on 'New Product Brief.'


The new product brief brings up a page with standard and custom input fields, then when he saves it a trigger goes off to alert our pricing department.  All of this I can do just fine, the question I have is how to make some of the input fields into a dynamic page.  There are 4 major product lines, and this page only needs to show product questions relevant to the product line for that opportunity (ex. sales rep fills in company information then selects 'product line 1' from a drop down menu, then questions relevant to this product line are rendered on the page).


I have looked into several options, but have not been able to get them to work properly.  These are the options I have looked at: 1) using Apex to create a dynamic visualforce page to add (this issue I have with this is when adding a visual force page into a custom object page layout, the page inset is a static height), 2) using Force.com IDE to make the XML code dynamic (haven't found good resources for doing this), or 3) Creating a flow with the respective questions, then adding this to the custom object page layout (this issue here is I haven't been able to keep the page on the summary information when the questions have been filled out)


Any suggestions on creating a dynamic page within the page layout of a custom object would be extremely helpful!  Thanks in advance!