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Sharing rules for Partner Portal Users





         1. TestAccount(PartnerAccount)


                     -------- 2.TestContact(Contact(Enable as a partner user)) ====== Services(Customobject records)

                                 3.TestUser(Contact(Enable as a partner user))=========Services(Customobject records)


          In this scenario my doubt is when i login using the TestContact partner portaluser credentials it shows the all records of the Services(custom object), i want only the particular contact related records.But here it shows all records in portal page.


 Am confusing with sharing rules, i assign owd as private and i assign sharing rules whatever its it shows all records.How to resolve it?Anyone clarify this scenario........................








Hi Venkat,


Please check what is your OWD for Account and Contacts in Salesforce - if they are set to read only - your Partners will be able to search all Accounts and Contacts.


Make it Private in order to show only data relevent to the partner account and contact.