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Having trouble accessing "Force.com Sites: Introduction" Course online

OK, 63 views and no replies - hmm, seems like I am the only one who stumbled upon this problem!? Now, does anyone know who/where should I contact to address this issue? I am not a customer, I just downloaded the developer edition - is there any support available for us? I'd appreciate any help.



Hi Fellow Certified Developers,


I am a certified developer and  received an email with the link to the course "ONLINE PT-DEV-420" - when I log in and click on 'go to content'  to start the course, I see the following:

"Do not close this page or navigate from this page while you are working with online content. Some content may rely on this window to save your progress.

When you have completed the content, you can relaunch the content or use the menus or the links below to navigate elsewhere."


And nothing else. Anybody else had trouble launching the course? I am on Windows, using firefox.




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