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Delete Operation Too Large - but all related records have been deleted

i am attempting to delete all records in my org.  i have deleted all records that are associated with Accounts - and am now deleting Accounts.  There is a single Account that i am unable to delete - i'm getting the following message - even when i just try to delete the individual record via the interface:

Delete Operation Too Large
You can’t delete more than 100,000 combined objects and child records at the same time. Select fewer records to delete. If you're trying to delete one object that has more than 100,000 child records, delete an appropriate number of child records before deleting the object.

Until recently this account did have thousands of associated records, but now it has none.  It's as if the system is still seeing those records on the back-end - even though they've been deleted and aren't visible in the front-end.

Has anyone seen this?  (note that i emptied the recycle bin...i checked Storage Usage to confirm that all other records have been deleted...)


Randy DavisRandy Davis

Were you able to find a resolution?  I just ran into the same issue and there are no child records.  In fact, there is no other data in the org!  Any thoughts or ideas?  THanks!!


Wondering if you were able to get the solution of this issue. I am facing a similar issue where all related objects has been deleted but bunch of Account records are still giving this error.


Thanks for your help!!!


no - never found a reason/solution to this.  a combination of bulk deletes, manual deletes and time-between-deletes took care of it.  slow and tedious, but support didn't get back to me in time.


I am having the same issue.  Systematically deleted all child records and waited over the weekend after emptying the recycle bin as well.  Opened case today.  Will advise if I get satisfactory solution or not.


I received this reply:

"1.4 million child records is a large number, at most times it just varies on the size and numbers on how fast it will go. As well as how often, with that large number getting updated/deleted at most, it will put a strain on the server. There isn't a real concret answer for a situation such as this."


Note:  I deleted the child records on Friday and the account was able to be deleted on Monday, soon after my previous message of course.  I was able to confirm deletion of the child records on Friday but couldn't delete the empty Account record until Monday.  It would seem in my case I have to be patient and will wait a couple of days before I can delete the account record.


Have you tried hard deleting child records. When I contacted Salesforce support I got suggestion to hard delete child first then try deleting parent records. Since I haven't been into that situation again where I have to delete all records from my Salesforce instance therefore I wasn't able to confirm this.


If by hard delete you mean to empty the recycle bin, then yes I did this prior to trying to delete the account record.  If not, please clarify what you mean by hard delete.


While deleting the records using SF dataloader there is an option called hard delete try using that. Using hard delete records are deleted without going into recycle bin.


I was also facing this error but I used delete operation instead of hard delete and made the batch size to 10. It took me 2 trials to do soft delete 400 records  and finally I made my recycle bin empty. This helped me to get rid of the parent records.