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Frustration with Winter'12 Reports Module

Can we roll back to previous version of the Report module?


The new one is not user-friendly.  You have to do so many clicks to get to one reports.


Here are the frustrating parts:

1. You have several reports in a folder that need to modify.  You type in the folder name in the filter box. Great!  You click on the report folder.  It displays nothing because the view is default to "Recently View".  It took someone a while to figure out. Now you open a report to edit, then save it.  When exiting, it returns to the long list of report folders.  Now if you need to go back to that Report folder again, you have do the same all over again.  Imagine you have a lot of reports to do, this is frustrating.


2. This is on the end users part.  They are non-technical. When they open a Report folder, it displays nothing (because it defaults to "Recently View").  A lot my field users got confused with this because they thought all the reports were gone.  They have to submit helpdesk to ask why, and this is production lost.


3. A lot of time I don't want to view in "Recently View" by default but I have no way to change this.  If I go to a report folder, I don't want a couple more clicks to see all the reports.


Too many clicks for something simple to do is not so user-friendly.


Salesforce, can this be improved?






BrianWX ~ your uneasiness with new interface is understandable and so are the points highlighted by you, but Salesforce is one company which is all ears for its consumers and subscribers , only thing you need to do is communicate your feedback to the right place, which may be:-

  • Idea exchange in case you want a feature to be included.
  • or you may create a support case with salesforce in your org and your points will be considered

As of reverting to the old UI I didnt notice any option is UI options which enables us to revert to old view.

Besides I think you will get used to the new UI as you get acustomed to it.

Hope this helps....