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Murali KrishnaMurali Krishna 

regarding validation rules

kindly help me with this interview Question

assume that there are 1000 contacts to be imported into salesforce,and whereas total validation rules on contact object that is preventing you from inserting data so how will you handle this particular situation?


Couple of things to be considered for the answer to this ques:


1. What is the validation rule/s on Contacts that is preventing you from inserting the data?

2. Which tool is being used to import Contacts in Salesforce - Import Wizard or Data Loader?

3. What is the error that you are getting when you try to import?

4. Is there a possibility that we can de-activate the rule at the time of record import and then enable it again once the import is done (though this would not be a good practice as the data that is imported will not comply to the validations required)


Let me know your responses on the above so as to help you better!


Can you please let me know validation rule which you need to consider so accordingly I can suggest approach