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Re : Salesforce to Salesforce

Hi guys,

is there any way to access Data of One Organization in another. SF-to-SF is providing the Record sharing,

but is there a way to access the Data in One Organization to another Organization through Apex Coding.

Joe GaskaJoe Gaska



Yes, we have been extremely sucessful in using the webservice API to communicate back and forth by exposing webservices and genreating proxy classes.  You would use the WSDL just like you would use a 3rd party custom WSDL and communicate between each.  The only bad part is generating the security context but it is fairly simple once you get everything setup.




Please let me know if you have any questions.  If you cannot figure it out I will write a blag article and send you a reference, but if you have done the callouts should be pretty self explanatory.





Joe Gaska  


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