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Installing an Appexchange App into an EXISTING Org

We are completing the build of a native Apex application (called PIMS) on to host on the Appexchange.  Our application does not integrate with CRM objects but our application does use the Accounts object.   In other words, our customers do not need to be running SFDC CRM in order to use our PIMS app. 


We had originally planned that our customers would download our application from the Appexchange into a new Org.



1) If our customer already uses Salesforce CRM and therefore has an org already provisioned, can our PIMS app be installed in their same Org?


2) If our customer was able to install our PIMS app into their existing SFDC org, would our PIMS app be allowed to use the existing Accounts object which our customer has already filled with data?  I don’t think our customer would be too happy to create a second Org solely for our PIMS app, and replicate Accounts data into the new Org in order to use our PIMS app.


3) We have added custom fields to the Accounts object as part of our PIMS app to be downloaded with our managed package.  If our customer was able to install our PIMS app into their existing SFDC org, would these custom fields be available?



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I'm really surprised that no one has answered this yet.


1) Yes, you can install an application into an existing organization.


2) Yes, if they install it in a current organization your application would have access to all their current account data (and any other objects as long as the admin has given your application permission to access it).


3) Yes, the new managed fields would be added automaticly to the Accounts object.


Accounts is an object that requires Salesforce CRM.  If your application is actually native then it sounds like what you said about them not needing SFDC CRM to use your application sounds wrong.  Either that or you're not a native application.  So anyways, if you require Accounts then you require Salesforce Sales Cloud.  If instead you used a custom object, then you could use a lot of other different offerings from SFDC like and use your own custom object.  The platform seats are around $25/month if I remember correctly rather than an Enterprise seat for $125/mo.