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Migration Tool logType doesn't work

Regardless of what I set the logType to I still get the full debug log after executing a deploy and runAllTests. As per the documentation I set it to 'None', then 'Debugonly', then 'Detail' and I always get the same log back. It's also being truncated and ending with ********* MAXIMUM DEBUG LOG SIZE REACHED **********.


When I try to view the build details in CruiseControl it takes about 15 minutes for the page to load because the log is so big. Is there no way to filter out most of the debug info? I just need to know what tests failed...






You have to delete the existing debug logs.


Did you cross check the following:-


The following are the limits for debug logs:

  • Once a user is added, that user can record up to 20 debug logs. After a user reaches this limit, debug logs stop being recorded for that user. Click Reset on the Monitoring Debug logs page to reset the number of logs for that user back to 20. Any existing logs are not overwritten.
  • Each debug log can only be 2 MB.
  • Each organization can retain up to 50 MB of debug logs. Once your organization has reached 50 MB of debug logs, the oldest debug logs start being overwritten.


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