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EventItem ,who can tell me this??I need help!!

  public List<EventItem> FromGoogleToSF(){
        List<EventItem> elist = new List<EventItem>();
        GoogleData.Calendar cal = c.getCalendarByTitle('lele');
            GoogleData evs_rang = c.getFeed(cal.alternate);
            for(Event e:cal.eventFactory(evs_rang)){
                elist.add( new EventItem(e));
        return elist;

In eclipse ,Look  this Error:
Save error: Invalid type: EventItem    google_data_toolkit/src/classes    FromGoogleToSalesForce.cls   

who can tell me "EventItem"???? 


EventItem is not a standard Apex object.  My guess is that it is a custom wrapper class that you have not included from your code.  Could you have copied this function from something else, and not got everything?  I would look back to where you got the function from in the first place to see if something is missing.


you can see  this link,“http://www.developerforce.com/tdf/2008/june/TDF_SC_GData_Toolkit.pdf”; page 32;


is about with Toolkit for Google Data APIs,I want to  Achieve Salesforce keeps synchronizing with Google Calendar。


my icq:632735541,you can add me; thanks!!!


I think you need to install the entire toolkit in your org, there is probably a helper class that defines the EventItem object.


Force.com GoogleApi

“all the toolkit at here,but Do not see EventItem。I have found a way to directly receive googledata method of this object, parse the returned data. For the previous help, Thank you very much. Good luck. However, I still want to know EventItem this object to! ! !”:smileytongue: