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List of Open Cases

I need to send reminder to salesforce users with list of open cases assigned to them.

I have considered multiple options but none of them seems to be giving me perfect solution, please let me know if anybody has a better approach.


Option1: Create a scheduled report and email it to the user (Since I need list of open cases for each user I will have to create report for each user, Can I create just one report and run it for multiple users?)


Option2: Display open cases as dashboard report (problem is dashboard report does not allow more than 3 fields and one of them need to be summary field, so I am left with only 2 field effectively for case information)


Option3: Create custom e-mail template and send open cases to users via scheduling it through Apex. (Problem is with Apex code, I have to loop around with all Salesforce users check for any open cases with them create a list of it and then email it, I am not sure if governance limit will come into picture if I take this approach)


Option4: Create Task Popup like functionality for cases (seems like lot of effort and unable to get starting point)


Several thoughts here:


1) The scheduled report/dashboard isn't actually a bad idea. Dynamic dashboards will show each user their own data, and you can have this run periodically. The only downside is you're limited to the number of reports you can schedule... But, with Dynamic Dashboads, you'll create the reports, and the dashboards, only one time.


2) It is true that the dashboard only shows two effective columns, but they can click on the chart/table to go into the report. Even better, you can make the chart/table link directly into a List View that can have up to 10 columns, can be sorted by the user, and can be used to quickly go between cases and the list (the Back to List link in the upper-left corner of a detail page).


3) You sure can schedule emails, but you'd be limited to a modest number of users (10 per batch), and a total number of emails that would relatively low (they share a counter with Mass Email and Workflow Email Alerts). This would work only for a small, modest number of users.


4) No need to create "task popup-like" functionality. Make it simple by having a trigger that continously keeps an open task for each open case, and closes the tasks when the case is closed. You can just reuse the existing functionality this way. On the other hand, a popup is only a few hours of development time...