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When We click on the "Printable View" button on any layout we get the sales force logo. Can this be changed to some another logo?



Devendra S






While there is no way to remove the Salesforce CRM Powered by Logo, you can create an S-Control/ VF page
that will show an image if the current view is a printable view screen,
but will hide it from your record details.
Note that this only seems to work on Internet Explorer. Using below steps you can then print everything, including the custom logo, without the Salesforce CRM logo.

Follow these steps:

For Internet Explorer:

1. Within salesforce.com, locate the record that you wish to print.

2. Click on the printable view button located on the record page. This will open another browser window containing the information that you would like to print.

3. In the new browser window , select the information you would like to print by left clicking your mouse and dragging it over the selection.

4. In the browser window go to File | Page Setup.

5. In the header and footer section of the page setup browser window, clear the field contents (leave them blank).

6. Click "OK".

7. In the same browser window go to File | Print.

8. In the print window, click on "selection" in the page range section.

9. Click "Print".

For Mozilla Firefox:

1. Follow steps 1-4 (as listed above for Internet Explorer).

2. In the page setup window, click on margins & header / footer and select blank for all of the options listed.

3. Click "OK".

4. In the same browser window go to File | Print.

5. In the print window click on "Selection" in the page range section.

6. Click on "Print".



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Thanks Navatar_DbSup for you reply.


Indeed it is not possible to remove salesforce logo from Printable View.


Salesforce documentation about Printable View is as follows:


Currently there is a Printable View option for all recordsincluding: contacts, accounts, leads, cases and opportunities screens.

At this time it is not possible to modify or customize the layout of theprintable view pages. The format of the data displayed, and the salesforce.com logo arestandardized within salesforce.com.