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Which type of WSDL should I download?

This will be for our vendors to post leads directly into our system.


Enterprise WSDL
A strongly typed WSDL for customers who want to build an integration with their organization only.

Generate Enterprise WSDL

Partner WSDL
A loosely typed WSDL for customers, partners, and ISVs who are building client applications for multiple organizations. It can be used to access data within any organization.

Generate Partner WSDL

Click on the link below to download an Apex programming WSDL.

Generate Apex WSDL

Metadata WSDL
Click on the link below to download a Metadata WSDL file.

Generate Metadata WSDL

Delegated Authentication WSDL
Click on the link below to generate and download a Delegated Authentication WSDL file that can be used for any organization.

Download Delegated Authentication WSDL

Client Certificate
Click on the link below to download an SSL client certificate for validating requests generated by

Generate Client Certificate

Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

Enterprise WSDL in that case.


On a different note, if you're just looking to load data in - Salesforce ship the Apex data loader out of the box.


This is what came up when I downloadedthe WSDL. What do I do with this?  I need to get posting instructions to the vendors so they can start posting on monday.   HELP!




in to the SOAP Api Describe an sObject Describe a number sObjects Describe the Global state Describe all the data category groups available for a given set of types Describe the data category group structures for a given set of pair of types and data category group name Describe the layout of an sObject Describe the layout of the SoftPhone Describe the tabs that appear on a users pageCreate a set of new sObjects Update a set of sObjects Update or insert a set of sObjects based on object id Merge and update a set of sObjects based on object id Delete a set of sObjects Undelete a set of sObjects Empty a set of sObjects from the recycle bin Get a set of sObjects Submit an entity to a workflow process or process a workitem convert a set of leads Logout the current user, invalidating the current session. Logs out and invalidates session ids Get the IDs for deleted sObjects Get the IDs for updated sObjects Create a Query Cursor Create a Query Cursor, including deleted sObjects Gets the next batch of sObjects from a query Search for sObjects Gets server timestamp Set a user's password Reset a user's password Returns standard information relevant to the current user Send outbound email 

Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

Right Click - View Source and save the source window contents as a wsdl file.


Alternatively, you could right click the Enterprise Wsdl link to download straight away.


I saved as HTML,  now what?  What do I do with this? 


I only had web page complete and HTML as save options.  Can you call me 707-535-6935

Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

save as a wsdl. a wsdl file describes the webservices exposed by your org. i'm guessing you ought to make this file available to the folks who want to insert leads into your org.


they would prolly use .net or java to generate some code from it to connect to your org and load leads in. you would have to create a (api enabled) user for them to connect to your org.


there is no option to save as a wsdl?

also isthis all they will need to post?  


Is it secure to send them this WSDL doc?  They cannot access our database through this?  Only post into it, correct?


Step 3: Import the WSDL File Into Your Development Platform


Do I need to do this step or will my vendors perform this?


The problem you are facing occurs in chrome

try downloading in firefox, when trying to save-    filename.wsdl ( "all files" in the below drop down)


importing is to be done by the developer who is going to do the development