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is there any preferred/recommended testing tool for Salesforce Test automation


Would like to check  whether is there any preferred/recommended  testing tool that can be best suited for SFDC(Salesforce) application for Test automation or can we use any tool(eg. QTP/Rational) to do that.



The Automation test that we refer hear is aimed to decrease the Duration of execution and can include below Test Automation Frameworks.
 -Creation of small,independent scripts that represent the modules are then used to construct larger tests to realize specific business scenarios.
 -Data driven tests that read input values from CSV/Excel files that can be used in the coded scripts for creation of objects like Contacts/Accounts etc.



Gopi chand P




I can suggest Selenium as the tool for developing test Automation.

As a developer I don’t have much idea on selenium (how to write scripts and executes like that)


As I have seen some members using this tool for the test automation for SF.



Santhosh KumarSanthosh Kumar

Salesforce is a typical web page and hence you can any automation tool that support testing the web pages. However, lately Selenium has become very dominant player in automation scripting and is used extensively in Salesforce automation testing.


 Many Thanks Dinesh and Santosh.

can you also tell  what is actually is used in selenium (i.e. whether  Selenium IDE/Selenium WebDriver/Selenium Grid ?)




I don’t have much Idea on that selenium and the APIs provided by that.

You can have that knowledge by searching.

Selenium Web Driver for----- Automating

Use Eclipse for Running selenium code and Use Java for writing logs behind that.

Santhosh KumarSanthosh Kumar

Selenium IDE is used for simple recording. WebDriver is used to implement the automation testing using Java or other programming languages. Grid is used to run those automation testing.


You would most probably dealing with WebDriver api to start with.


I found that the Test Tracker Professional in ApExchange is to manage the core application testing, from requirements through deployment. It simplifies and organizes application testing management by providing you systematic control over the process.

It is Completely Free



  • Simple User Interface, Powerful Testing Flow Control, Correct Testing Statistics

  • Modular Testing for your Releases and Cycles

  • Powerful Analysis in each section with secured integrated google Graphs/Charts
  • Requirement Traciability matrix.  for more details

    Click here




i am also looking for some automation tool for SFDC.


Can u please suggest some tool OR share your experience with selenium.




Peter DrumPeter Drum

This might be a bit late to be answering this thread, but I'd suggest trying AssureClick. AssureClick is an AppExchange app (native SF app) that allows any users (inc. Admins and Developers) to create and automate test cases for standard and custom objects without coding. It has the ability to generate Apex code for all configured tests too, and the short term roadmap includes an item to publish the generated code to meet test coverage requirements too.

I'm with ext.IT (we developed the app and use it extensively ourselves in our consulting work), so please let us know what you think of it!


Note: you can try AssureClick for free, but it's a paid app.

Tina PrajapatiTina Prajapati

check out Provar - the automated testing app for Salesforce at 

Any more info on how to use this testing tool for automating your application. how to get access to this tool is it a cloud based tool and open source?
Mike AllenMike Allen
We are developing a tool specifically for this need.  Contact me via our website for more details (  We are looking for some beta customers to use our tool and give us feedback.  The benefit to you beside whiteglove treatment, potential customization to your needs is great QA at an amazing price.  We are only looking for 2 more beta customers to partner with.  

Kevin RileyKevin Riley
Hello All.  AssureClick, a new software tool we just launched in 2014, provides fully automated functional testing and quality assurance for
AssureClick is easy to use, with a familiar interface, yet it allows for sophisticated and automated functional and security testing.  AssureClick enables business users, not just administrators and developers, to rapidly create test cases by recording them in Best of all, the generated test scripts are saved in the database and can be used again and again. Now any size configuration can realize fully automated functional testing without bearing the full cost of a traditional testing team or the complexity of most automated solutions.
Please contact me if you want a free trial.

Kevin Riley
Founder, Chief Growth Officer
Mobile: +1 512.663.5828

AutoRABIT ( rich support for Salesforce Test Automation . It has a " Playback Curing Engine "  for seamless play back of test scripts recorded with Selenium. This can greatly help  teams adopt to Salesforce Test Automation faster since test teams and business user can go ahead created automated tests with click of a button. 
There is also a data extraction utlilty which will automatically seperate the data used in the test case and also let you generate more test scripts on varying data sets. You can also set up test data loading as a step in your Continuous Integraton job, so that packaging, deploying code, migration of data , running automated tests all happen on your multiple release environments seamlessly.
You can always reach or for more technical details on this.


Shannon HigginsShannon Higgins
Selenium-Webdriver, Java, TestNG -- wrapped in a Maven package(couples right in with CI systems). (Selenium-Webdriver (Selenium 2.0) is fully implemented and supported in Python, Ruby, Java, and C#.) forget about the IDE it may get you started,(and is great for questionaires) but ultimately is a time suck to refactor all the mis-hits and flaky locators.
Sergey PaznikovSergey Paznikov
Consider ZAPTEST ( With its innovative object recognition technology you can test any GUI-based application on any platform. You can white test script once and run it as is on different browsers, even on mobile. This is commercial tool, but it has free version.
Chris KrausChris Kraus
Worksoft has software for automated functional testing that is designed to validate your customized functionality and its integration with other enterprise apps like Oracle and SAP. It’s about more than testing individual applications, it’s about ensuring that the unique, complex business processes support the company strategy – and that means every process needs to work every time.

You can find more information here:
Hello Everyone,
Introducing: Test Class Generator

I have discovered an idea and converted into an app named "Test Class Generator", this use to write test class automatically for your controller, batch and trigger. I won't say it would provide 100% code coverage, but it would definitely help business to save some money.

Right now its not covering all complex scenarios of code, but the upcoming releases would be able to cover it.
Please have a look at it and provide your inputs to make it more sturdy and versed.
Sapir LyubinskySapir Lyubinsky
It seems to have been quite a while since this question has been originally posted, but this is definitely a relevant question even nowadays in 2020. Salesforce testing has its challenges we’re all familiar with (iFrames, Dynamic elements, Popups, etc…). For those of us using native Selenium, such obstacles can really slow down our testing and even cause it to break...  I'd recommend checking out TestProject ('s free automation solution for Salesforce automation testing, as it has self-healing technology that can help any beginner or experienced QA engineer to create solid automation tests for Salesforce platform.

You can read more about it in this blog article too: