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Need help in "Importing large CSV files via Batch Apex"

Hi All,


I need help in Importing large CSV files via Batch Apex. Tried this link --> http://developer.financialforce.com/customizations/importing-large-csv-files-via-batch-apex/ .But I am unable to implement it.


Kindly help.

Dipa - Any reason why the apex data loader or the command line data loader does not help you with this requirement? This is a powerful tool to get large data into your system and can be scheduled using OS scheduling to ensure large data loads into Salesforce and supports all the data operations like insert/update/upsert/delete etc.

Hi Dipa, 


This task should be easily achieved by using data loader, have you already tried the same?

What is the total number of records in one csv file that you are working with?

See the link to choose the best possible method https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=import_which_data_import_tool.htm&language=en_US

If you have very large data you may also use Bulk API - http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Loading_Large_Data_Sets_with_the_Force.com_Bulk_API





hi Dipa - were you able to solve this? I am working on a similar solution with the same blog post as my reference code - curious what you were able to create.