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Kr ramKr ram 

Workflow -outbound message question ! help

Hello Experts!

I am not very familiar  to outbound message using workflows 


I need to pass some parameters from a custom object say serial number ,product type and product family from Salesforce  to an end point URL (the end point URL is within our firewall) to get the License activation code,

i know i can accomplish this using outbound message using workflows ,please clarify if i am wrong 

If i can accomplish this using an outbound message, how can i retreive the details from the outbound message response to a custom field? 

In this example i get a license activation code back from the outbound message i want to populate it back to the custom object record from where the outbound message was sent,how do i accomplish this?


IF this is not possible using Workflow outbound message ,should i write a custom webservice Apex class?,if you can point to any examples that would be appreciated!


Please reply incase you have trouble understanding the question


CyberGroup Inc.CyberGroup Inc.



Outbound messages are only meant for sending the information out, if you want to handle the response you cannot do it using Outbound Messages right now.


You are right on writing a webservice apex class, you can find the details at the link below, jump to section "HTTP Code Sample"

Kr ramKr ram

Thanks Sankalp!,Is there any examples you can point to,the link was helpful,but i am looking for similar examples where i pass some parameters thru the web service and acknowledge and write  web service results to the same record.