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Roll-up summary: problem with MAX roll-up type being greyed out



I have run into a problem with roll-up summaries.  Background is as follows:


- I set up a custom object with a roll-up summary of type MAX on a related Detail object.

- I initially did this in our sandbox, and then I deployed to production.  It works fine (both in production and in sandbox).

- I have now added a further couple of Detail objects attached to the same original master object in our sandbox.  I want to add a couple of new roll-up summary fields of type MAX related to the two new Detail objects.

- However, when I try to do so, on step 3 of 5 where you point to the summarised object and then select the roll-up type, the only option available is COUNT: the other options (SUM, MIN, MAX) are all greyed (or more accurately "pinked") out and can't be selected.

- I don't know why.  Also, if I go into the original roll-up summary that I had previously set up successfully, the same roll-up types are greyed out, with only COUNT available (although it still retains the MAX roll-up type that I had previously used).


I've haven't managed to find any useful help on this subject either within the help screens or in this forum, and I'm starting to feel like tearing my hair out!


Please help.





Roger - The aggregate functions SUM, MAX, MIN are available only for numeric fields on Child Objects. An excerpt from Salesforce documentation:
The types of fields you can calculate in a roll-up summary field depend on the type of calculation. For example,
Number, currency, and percent fields are available when you select SUM as the roll-up type.
Number, currency, percent, date, and date/time fields are available when you select MIN or MAX as the roll-up type.

Can you confirm if this is indeed the case?

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