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Command line Dataloader username n password file



I created a process-config file for dataloade which works perfectly fine.

I am not sure if I can change these lines ...I want to store this value in text file and have the path given here so that whenever password changes rather than changing conf file we can change only text file and run the file.

Is this possible?Please suggest?


<entry key="sfdc.username" Value=""/>
<entry key="sfdc.password" Value="e8a68b73992a7a54"/>

You can create a file - and place it in the configuration directory being passed as a parameter to the data loader. You can add the following enries to the file:


sfdc.username=<your user name>
sfdc.password=<your encrypted password>


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Can you please give me an example please
When you say your username should i hardcode that?i
Sorry i didnt get your solution ....can you give me
An example please

VeryNewbie - Do the following steps:

1. Create a text file '' and place it in the same directory as the process-conf.xml

2. Add common bean entries to this file similar to process-conf.xml that need to be common across beans like login/password.


The way commandline data loader works is that it first searched for this file. If this file is defined it picks up values from this file and uses it for the data loader process. These values ca nbe overridded in the process-conf.xml. And yes the values in this file will have to be hard-coded. there may be a way of passing run-time parameters to the commandline data loader passing in these parameters dynamically but this should be easy by using names value pairs for the config option of the data loader.

For further reading refer to section "File interactions and best practices" section of this link


That helps a lot.
So in file i should give username same like i am giving my username in process.config file.
<entry key="sfdc.username" value=""/>

And shoul i delete that line from process.config file?

See my original post. The values are defined as:
sfdc.username=<your user name>
sfdc.password=<your encrypted password>

I see that we have to give like sfdc.username
but i tired giving sfdc.username=""

I also tired:

But i get error.So could you please give me an example ?Thanks


I even follwed this post..


But i get error saying

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Empty username specif
ied. Please make sure that parameter sfdc.username is set to correct username.


run encrypt.bat enter your password there you will get the encrypted password, paste that in config file.