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answer these senarios.

Hi ,


Pls answer these senarios.?


1) I want to send a mail every 1st and if no response 5th again we need to send mail wf?


2)I Have created a user & through apex class n user did not get any mail what would be reson?


3)how to recall a apporved record?


4) I have a button in vf page and if I click button  on that page it should go to the a record and salesforce id of that record need to dispalyed in a field?


5) how will u convert salesforce 18 digit to 15 digit id?without CASESAFEID?


6) How to read the parameter value from the URL in Apex?




1. W.r.t. your 1st question about sending emails when do you send the 1st mail and when do you send 5th mail - to answer your question I need to know how do you plan to inform the system about the triggering point , will it be some user input?
2. Wrong email address can be a reason additionally there's flag which needs to set to trigger email
3. What do you mean by recall of approved record, revoking of approval?
4.In you are using the standard page then display it using formula field
5.First 3 digits signify the object type
Hope this helps...

6. consider the parameter name is "recordtype"
String recordtype =apexpages.currentpage().getparameters().get('recordtype')

Hope this helps to you...

Hi Ispita,


1) For 1st question is about a workflow.every month 1st i need a send a Greeting mail to one user and if no response from that user again on the 5th day again i need to send the same mail?


2) Hope this is perfect answer from ur side.As UI will have a check box "send a email-notifications to this user" ,there is no such option in Apex.So we need to set a flag to send a email notifications.


3) In Approval process,i want to recall that record which is approved by the wrong approver.I heared the answer we can do in DML options but not sure....may that can be revoking also...explain me.


4) I want to have a salesforce id of that record in one field how can we do this?


5)  Yes you are correct ,but what it mean Object type?Can you explain me possible values?





For point number (5)



when any Salesforce ID begins with  '001' then its Account
when any Salesforce ID begins with  '701' then its Campaign
when any Salesforce ID begins with  '500' then its Case
when any Salesforce ID begins with  '501' then its Solution


and so on .....


Hope this answers your query .....