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DocuSign API for Salesforce

Is there anyone who has some experience in using DocuSign API in salesforce?

I would like some help in there generated DocuSign WSDLs.



how are you?  I run developer center for DocuSign and I would like to volunteer some help.  


Here are a couple of cookbook entries that might help you get started:





Did you try following those?  They get you from generating a proxy class from WSDL to actually running an app.


If you have any specific questions feel free to post them here or on our community board: http://community.docusign.com/


Thanks Mike, i got all the assistance i needed from DocuSign community.


Hi Mikebz

I have tried unseccessfully the second link: http://developer.force.com/cookbook/recipe/accessing-docusign-api-from-salesforcecom-to-send-contracts-for-esignatures

When i triy to save the class I get the following error:
Error: Compile Error: Invalid type: DocuSignAPI.APIServiceSoap at line 24 column 19

I just been doing a copy paste, I dont know what else can I do.

If i may also add or ask, is it possible to send a docusign when a record is created? instead of actually having to click a button?

for instance I have a template but currently the user have to actually go inside and click submit, I want to avoid the user to get into the opportunity

Catherine Jin 5Catherine Jin 5
I got the same error. Pay attention to step 5. YOu need to overwrite the class name to "DocuSignAPI".

5. In this step we are going to create a class to access the DocuSign API. For this walkthrough we are just going to get the sending WSDL, which can be found athttps://demo.docusign.net/api/3.0/Schema/dsapi-send.wsdl. You should save the WSDL file to your desktop. (Note: For complete set of WSDL files please refer to documentation on DocuSign DevCenter.)
Next go to the Apex Classes and select “Generate from WSDL”. When the class generator asks you to supply a class name, we suggest that you overwrite the class name with DocuSignAPI.
Jorge Martinez 35Jorge Martinez 35
someone knows how to obtain the contracts signed by wsdl in salesforce from docusign and save it as documents in salesforce?
Jorge Martinez 35Jorge Martinez 35
it doesn't matter if by wsdl or rest api.
Catherine Jin 5Catherine Jin 5
Simple way to achieve this is to use Connect for salesforce from DocuSign. Create Connect Object for Contract to receive DocuSign events for envelopes associated with this object type. Enable "Attach DocuSign Envelopes" so events will attach the envelope. Refer to https://support.docusign.com/guides/docusign-for-salesforce-administrator-guide.

When creating DocuSign envelope, set DSFSSourceObjectId textCustomField to your Contract record ID. This way, DocuSign knows which Salesforce object to update.
Jorge Martinez 35Jorge Martinez 35
i don't understand so much but i made the connection between salesforce and docusign with this tutorial. https://salesforceradical.blogspot.com/2016/04/docusign-salesforce-integration.html and i'm trying to get the signed contract to save it o save the url of this in salesforce. another thing i am not using the contract object to make the contract, in my org, i created a object to fill and make the contract.  so the contract is not a "normal" contract else that is another object.
Catherine Jin 5Catherine Jin 5
Custom object is also supported. If you are using DocuSign for Salesforce UI instead of API, then the signed document is related to the original Salesforce record. I believe you can log in to DocuSign and view the existing completed envelopes.
For future integration, you need to setup DocuSign to Salesforce connect from DocuSign to automatically bring the envelope status and signed documents back to Salesforce records. Refer to this document: https://support.docusign.com/guides/docusign-for-salesforce-administrator-guide. You can contact DocuSign support for further questions. Their support is quite good.