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Http header issue : http1.0, Connection: Keep-Alive?

Hi there,


We are having several issues between salesforce and our company proxy / reverseproxy. Here SalesForce is acting as a client, that is calling a WebService that is in our internal servers.


We sniffed all that is comming from Salesforce and realized that the HTTP header received from SalesForce is not that clean.


Below is part of the header :



POST /xxx/yyy.svc HTTP/1.0\r\n


User-Agent: SFDC-Callout/24.0\r\n

Accept: text/xml\r\n

Content-Type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8\r\n


Via: 1.1 (squid)\r\n


Cache-Control: max-age=259200\r\n

Connection: keep-alive\r\n



Strangely, SalesForce is using the http 1.0, did they know that the http 1.1 is out for a while, and that it corrected several issues related to the http 1.0, specifically to the handling of the Connection Keep-Alive and so on.


All other calls comming from SOAPUI or JMeters are calls that are by default http 1.1, and the Connection is set to Close.


If Salesforce wants to Keep-Alive the connection it has at least to specify a Connection-Token.


I think this is a complete mess on the SalesForce Side.


Question :

 - Do we have access to the version of http when we call a WebService?

 - Can we set the Connection Property of the Http header to Close?


Best Regards,



Thanks Steve,


But the post you suggested is not exactly my case, according to my understanding, it is SalesForce that is receiving the message as being an http1.0 due to proxy error.


In my case, SalesForce is calling our internal WebService by using the http 1.0, as SalesForce is the client, I want to force it to call my WebService using the http 1.1, this option is available in SOAPUI for instance.


Furthermore, the requests SalesForce is sending is NOT compliant with http1.0, because it is sending a Connection parameter (with keep-alive value), however this connection parameter is not an http 1.0 parmeter but a 1.1 parameter, so our proxy is having problems with the requests comming from SalesForce


Any other idea?




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