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We are evaluating SalesForce and need to be able to do full text boolean searches of documents on SF. Results of searched words need to be highlighted within the document view. We need to find out if this is a viable solution before selecting SF.

Any documents stored in the SFDC document library are searchable. I believe that they are searchable by title & description along with optional keywords that can be entered in when adding a new document. SFDC however does not highlight your search results like firefox or google. Let me know if this helps.

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According to the SF rep the text in the file, in this case Word files, is not searchable.  We are willing to create custom software to accomplish this if it is possible.
Right, the documents in Salesforce are stored on their servers and can't be content searched. You can only dump as many keywords as you can into "file folder" that holds that document. You can search the title's as well.

The keyword field can hold up to 255 characters.

Depending on what kind of content you have, you might be able to create custom/tabs-objects to hold the information in question. Text within a custom object can then be searched on. But.. of course that's totally dependant on what your sitation is... custom objects might not do it for ya.

good luck!

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We have over 17,000 resumes that we need to be able to search the content of.  If the resume content was pasted into a field, is there any way to highlight the searched terms?

I have an idea that might work, but I would like to get some more details offline.  Can you drop me a note at bemerson at



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I don't think so. 

Doesn't sounds like a great fit for SFDC unless you extract keywords from the resume upon insertion of the document, search on the keywords, and serve up the documents.  Then, it might be a great tool.

If you really need full text searches on the document contents, it's of course doable with a custom s-control, retreiving the documents, searching, displaying highlights, etc., but I think it would be slow because the searches couldn't be done on the Salesforce servers and so the whole document repository would have to be brought to the app server (or browser) for your custom code to run. 


Just released from Google is OneBox, an actual hardware solution, which is able to search your entire directory infrastructure & your Salesforce account, results presented in a standard Google format.

Check out Google OneBox at:

Hope this points you in the right direction.

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