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John Cannava.ax221John Cannava.ax221 

What's the going rate for SFDC Consulting?

I'll be doing some SFDC consulting for an old employer of mine and wondered what the going hourly rate would be for the following servies:

- System Administration/Support
- General OnGoing Configuration
- Custom Object Development
- Report Building
- Business Process Analysis & Design
- New SFDC Application Development

I realize the answer to this question could vary based on a number of variables not listed here, but I'm curious to hear the thoughts of those on this job board.


John Cannava

Unfortunately, there is no standard rate.  I have bid on projects where the competition was offering rates well under $100/hr and for fewer hours than our bid.  I'm not sure how they can afford to do so, perhaps they tack on change orders, or maybe they're offshoring, or maybe they just don't know what they're doing.  In general, I think you get what you pay for. Our standard rate is $200/hr and with that you get certified consultants with 3+ years of salesforce specific experience.
Typically, you can figure out the hourly rate for a contract employee by dividing the annual salary by 1000.  So if your salary was $50,000 / year when you worked there, your consulting hourly rate would be $50 / hr.
Hope that helps.
Gareth DaviesGareth Davies

Hi John,

I definately agree with Matt that there is a wide variation in rates around - and you've got to remember that some people will never deliver what is required no matter how long they take and how many hours they bill for!

We split our skills into four levels and price accordingly - these reflect the cost & scarcity of the resources. We work on delivering quality slutions when customers require the best, we therefore work on lower volumes than some other companies. We currently do not offshore any of our work and engage with a limited number of clients at any one time. Most of our engagements are driven by designing and delivering system enhancements based on strategic high-level requirements & results rather than implementing low-level client-generated system specifications.

We calculate our split on:

Analyst: Can implement simple modifcations (such as creating specified custom fields) and can provide data reformatting, cleaning etc.

Associate: Can turn detailed requirements into specifications and implement those specifications by configuring Can provide client training and useage documentation.

Specialist Programming: Can create complex additional functionality such as .NET applications, Javascript, AJAX and other S-Control logic.

Director: Gathers client use-cases, work-flow. KPI definitions and other strategic requirements, advises on best-practices and ways to enhance processes and provide management information. Agrees timing specifications with clients, negotiates terms and provides client interface, project management & team leadership.

Hourly rates run (in pounds sterling) between £100 and £250. Which with the Dollar where it is and with employment costs in Europe - may not be a useful guide for you. If you plan to do this in any scale you must also factor-in your own downtime, sales costs, training time, new product development, cost of providing the service and overhead, as well as any risks from overruns or non-payment that you encounter.

I'm not sure I agree with salary divided by 1000.

I would calculate based on the cost of employment being around 2X headline salary, around 220 possible working days in a year - and factor in the that the client's cost to do this internally would reflect the cost of management, training, sick pay, holiday, pensions, healthcare and with the added complexity in upsizing/downsizing - so that the rates represent fair value for both buyer and seller. For a £25,000 head-line salary that would work out as around £40 per hour on 100% utilisation.

If you plan on taking a contract position with every day billable and not be project-deliverable based, then you need to use high utilisation figures, if you plan to move from project to project then your utilisation will be lower and your costs & risk higher. If you have any establishment costs for contract creation, negotiation, pre-engagement specification etc. then you need to factor those in as well.

An alternative approach may be for you to contact one of the consulting companies in the USA and establish a relationship with them using this as a test-case project where they can see your skills and then, perhaps, they can bring you more work later.

Hope that helps, good luck,



We have contracted with a Salesforce consultant based out of Seattle.  Hourly rates are $100 and $150, depending on the skill level required per phase/specific task.  Our engagement (~3 months) involves upgrade from Professional to Enterprise, and the redesign, reconfiguration and reimplementation of Salesforce.  We also have integrations from ~four data sources.  We only have 40 users/licenses.


We are looking for a SFDC consultant in the Seattle area, would appreciate any recommendations
MK Partners doesn't have an office in Seattle, but we do have offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, so we're in the same timezone.  Typically project requirements don't justify being onsite every day of the project, so the majority of work is done remotely anyway.  We charge by the project not by the hour, so we would tell you upfront how much everything would cost including travel if any.

our website is

My email is mkaufman at the above domain.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss further.

We have excellent SFDC Consultants available on contract basis.
Kindly call me @ 908 906 8268 or please feel free to send email to
We are currently looking at 250.00/hour, but would like to know of any good consultants on the west coast that are charging less.
We have guys less than $250.00. Kindly send me your requirements to
These guys are Level III certified.
Please call me @908 906 8268.

You should be able to find an individual to do straightforward Salesforce administration for about $80/hr, perhaps less if it's ongoing administration, perhaps a bit more if it's initial setup configuration.

Development  (Apex, VF, integrations, etc.) is more expensive.  As an individual, my rates for development consulting are $150/hr, $125 for non-profits and negotiated rates for longer term projects.   I try to give full project estimates when possible and work that way instead of by the hour.   I know other developers who are in the range of roughly $25/hr more or less then I am.

If you are ok with off-shoring your development, either directly, or through a middleman consulting firm as some of the ones here do, you should be able to find lower rates, however you might find a difference in the results and the process.  Of course the consulting firm will tack on their cut to the rate being paid to the offshore asset, so it may net out about the same.

Remember, if you are going through a consulting organization you are going to be paying for the overhead, more elaborate project management, etc. so if you've got small project requirements you might be better off just posting it here and seeing what kinds of bids you get.  But for a larger project you might want the depth-of-bench that an established consulting firm provides (keeping in mind that if it's a lot of custom code it tends to lock you into working with that firm for the long haul).  Cost of the overhead seems to range anywhere from $50 to $150 an hour.

Hope this helps, Steve.

Does anyone have a more recent assessment of what is the going rate for a SFDC admin and/or consultant to help implement?


We are India based offshore development company offering services in along with ASP .NET and PHP. We have already delivered 100+ applications/custom code to various customers worldwide. We can offer you rates less than $50/hour for offshore work and $100/hour for on-site services. Please note though we are in India, we do have some partners in US who may be able to help you with your on-site requirements.


As many of fellow consultants/experts suggested process to work with Offshore development is little different and you may little on-site presence to make sure you have good delivery of the project.


We have good track record of quality and timely deliveries, if you are interested in our services please contact us at and we can provide you references of customers/partners for whom we have worked for.


Thanking you,

Team Enzigma

$250 is the standard rate that firms with a lot of experience and technical skills charge.  For larger projects, rates are often discounted.


It sounds high, but when you consider that they'll get the job done faster and more accurately, it makes sense.


An an individual freelancer focusing on the Apex / VF / API aspect I charge $150/hr.  


As has been noted, you can find cheaper rates with offshoring, but that typically has drawbacks with communications, reliability and quality.  I've also seen that the biggest issue is that they often do *exactly* what you tell them to do instead of what you really needed to make your system work. 




This is Lalit from Aspire Software Consultancy. We are Bangalore, India based Software Development Company.


We are already providing SFDC Consulting service to various USA based customers. We provide all range of services in SFDC platform including programming, configuration and administration.


We have expertise in writing code using Apex and VF.  We have worked on various projects for which involved use of predefined objects and development of the custom objects in SalesForce. We have worked on development of classes, triggers, pages,packages and other objects in


We offer our services at 12$/hour for SFDC projects. We are negotiable on costing model for long term partnership.


Please contact us at  for more details.


You can also contact me on skype (lalit.mendapara)


Look forward to talk.






As an SFDC consultant with six years of experience, I have typically charged clients in the range of $110-$130 which is competitive versus dedicated firms and fosters repeat business. [discount for non-profit]  As a basis point, this is for deliverables including client use-case determination, creation of detailed requirements, implementation of those specifications, customization, data quality initiatives, customized KPI/dashboards/mobile/chatter, client training and detailed user documentation.Hope that helps in setting your rates.


 I can be reached at for additional inquiries.

I am SalesForce Senior Consultant,

Reach me out if you have requirement.I would prefer contract on hourly basis

David TrowbridgeDavid Trowbridge
I work for a firm called GreenEcho that is based out of Dallas, TX.  We are a Salesforce consulting firm that helps with the initial implementation of the platfrom.  We also help with already established companies that are looking for some assistance with new developments like Service and Marketing Cloud.  Please reach out with any projects that your company is looking to develop and we would be happy to discuss.  

We are a Miami based IT consulting firm and we provide Salesforce consulting, development and integration services. Our rates range from $69 to $99 depending on the length of the engagement and scope of work. You can visit our website  ( learn more and please get in touch if you're interested in discussing your project.
Barry Ogletree 8Barry Ogletree 8
After reading through all of the comments in the chain, here is my experience.  This is also how a fortune 500 companies would look at it.  95k/yr to the developer multiplied by 1.45 for benefits and the total divided by 2080 as there are 2080 hours in a work year.  The answer 67/hour rounding up.  With Architect experience it would be 120k/yr bringing it to 84/hour.

Barry O
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